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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a treatment plan to guide a patient as they learn how to correct a dysfunction of the visual system.  Sometimes eyeglasses can help, but often eye muscle exercises are needed to make it easier for a person to track words across a page or to focus back and forth from distance to near objects. Vision therapy is also useful in developing visual perceptual skills such as visual memory (for spelling and word recognition), visualization (for reading comprehension and math), eye hand coordination (handwriting and sports) and visual discrimination (recognizing "b" and "d", etc.).

The best results are achieved when a person is able to work with a vision therapist in-office one hour a week and given exercises to do at home 5 days a week for 8-35 weeks.  Like all exercise, it is only beneficial if the person is committed to doing it on a regular basis.

If a person cannot commit to the time and expense of in-office therapy, he/she may benefit from vision therapy software which can be programmed to address individual vision dysfunctions.  The software is completely automated so the person will know exactly which exercises to do at home or school and for how long each day.  Progress can be monitored by the doctor and the patients from the patient's computer data disk.  It is strongly recommended that the patient schedule at least two progress checks with the doctor at 2 weeks and at 8 weeks.

Progress evaluations are necessary to monitor changes in the visual system.  Sometimes it is necessary to add, change, or delete an eyeglass prescription as these visual changes occur throughout the program.

In order to determine which exercises may be best for each patient, a developmental and perceptual battery of tests are necessary and performed by Dr. Diana Koslowske.

What our office can do for you:

Developmental/Perceptual Vision Exam
In-Office Vision Therapy
HTS Software for physical eye muscle problems
Additional set of lenses for accommodation problems to be used with HTS
PTS software for perceptual vision problems
Progress Evaluation
Developmental activity workbooks

Many medical insurances cover all or part of the developmental evaluation and in-office therapy. Coverage depends on your specific plan, coverage, diagnosis and procedures needed.  Let us know your medical insurance so we may assist you in determining your specific plan coverage.

It is important to note that vision therapy is not a tutoring program, it serves to develop the visual skills students need to read ad learn more efficiently.  With vision therapy we hope to help relieve the stress and frustration caused by learning-related vision problems.  If you would like more information about learning-related vision problems, please call Michigan Optical at 616-301-8663.

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