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CPF (Corning) GlareControl Lenses

CPF (Corning) Glare Control Lenses for Medical Filter Applications
Glare Control Lenses do some pretty amazing things that may help patients who have light-sensitive eyes see better. These lenses have proven beneficial for patients that have various stages of Macular Degeneration, as well as other medical conditions that affect sight.
Blue Light Absorption: Uniform and precise filtering shields eyes from short wavelength, high energy blue light that can cause discomfort to light-sensitive eyes, contribute to glare and loss of contrast, and reduce effective vision.
Photochromic Comfort: Ground and polished photochromic glass lenses automatically darken on bright sunny days, overcast or hazy days. And they lighten indoors when a television or reading lamp may be the only available light.
Effective UV Blockage: Glare Control Lenses shield from 100% of potentially harmful UV rays.
Durable, Scratch Resistant Glass: Glare Control's filtering characteristics and photochromic properties will not change or wear out. Ever.
State-of-the-Art Performance: In contrast to glass, plastic lenses cannot provide the same spectral control as Glare Control lenses. Plastic lenses also scratch easily and can fade over time.
A Range of Filter and Frame Options: Choose from five graduated filter levels, plus the NEW CPF® GlareCutterT lens for people with beginning to moderate light sensitivity. Single-vision, multifocal, special or plano lenses. Select any ophthalmic frame, or choose one of ours -- side shields and aviator frames. Or choose lightweight clip-ons to fit over regular glasses.
Medical Applications: People with severe light sensitivity are most likely to benefit from Glare Control Lenses -- especially when it's caused by these and other conditions: cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa.

CPF® 450
A lightly colored lens comfortably enhances contrast and helps control glare indoors. For reading, watching television and coping with                                            fluorescent lights in offices and supermarkets. Frequently chosen                                            for:
*Optic Atrophy
CPF® 511
Medium-range filter provides moderate blue light filtering while permitting longer wavelengths of lower energy light to pass                                            through. Especially helpful for individuals with:
*Macular Degeneration
 *Developing Cataracts
* Optic Atrophy
CPF® 527
Orange-amber lens darkens to brown in sunlight, giving individuals better visual function and reduced glare. Frequently chosen by people with:
  *Diabetic Retinopathy
*Retinitis Pigmentosa
CPF® 550
The original GlareControl lens relieves the stress of intense sensitivity to light and poor dark adaptation. Lens color varies from orange-red when lightened lightened to brown when darkened                                             *Retinitis Pigmentosa
CPF® 550XD
A very specialized medical lens for persons with extraordinary light sensitivity from conditions such as: *Achromatopsia

    Effects of Glare Control Lenses
    The CPF GlareCutter product is not described in terms of a specific wavelength cut-off. Its purpose is to serve patients who are beginning to experience light sensitivity problems outdoors. These patients don't require as much blue light attenuation as traditional CPF products provide. This additional blue light leakage allows the GlareCutter to be more cosmetically pleasing with minimal color distortion.
    Cautions and Warnings
    CPF (Corning) GlareControl lenses are chemically tempered to meet FDA impact resistance requirements, but they are NOT unbreakable or shatterproof.
    GlareControl lenses do not pass some ANSI traffic signal requirements.
    Check before driving... For safety's sake, your patients should be sure they can distinguish the colors in traffic signals before driving. GlareControl lenses, like any strongly tinted lenses, should not be worn for night driving. CPF® 550 and 550XD lenses are not recommended for any driving, night or day.
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