MICHIGAN OPTICAL - Eye Exams - Eyeglasses - Contact Lenses
Have fun with optical illusions.

Click on each puzzle to enlarge.

Try to focus on the black dots.......

How many legs does the elephant have?

Which center circle is larger?

How many colors do you see?


There's only two colors, red and green.

Is the blue on the inside or outside?

Near the front or on the side?

Do you see a woman's face or a man playing the saxophone? 

Is there really a triangle?


Do you see an Indian face or an eskimo looking into a cave?

Do you see a bunny or a duck?


Are the purple lines straight or curved?

They are straight.

Are the horizontal lines straight or curved?

They are straight.

Vase or two faces?

Stare at the center dot and watch your world move.

Is the square bent ?

The two vertical lines are.....

the same size.

The two horizontal lines.......

are the same size.

The diagonal lines are parallel.

We hope that you had fun with our optical illusions, we wanted to give you a lift.
Come back and visit as we hope to add more illusions soon. 
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